Full-Stack Developer,

Engineer, Musician

Skill Set

Education & Experience


Built the entire stack of Web, Mobile, Backend, and Infrastructure from the ground-up using React, React-Native, Scala/Play, Postgresql, and Google Cloud.

Scouted for Design, QA, and Development freelancers for part-time work


Used React and Node to bring the Citymaps Web product into full-force

Worked with a graphics developer to integrate a WebGL Map into the product

Collaborated with designers to implement beautiful, performant components in a timely manner

Bloomberg LP

Replaced and maintained critical backend services for Bloomberg's legal research application.

Coordinated work amongst small team of developers in two cities to quickly build features for new products.

Learned C++ and computer science concepts during 15-week intensive introductory course.

Case Western Reserve University

Designed and Developed a simple static website for an Animal Ethics group on campus

Co-led a team of student engineers in an irrigation project at a campus farm.

Worked with campus chapter of Engineers Without Borders to design and draft vital components of a water system for a community in The Dominican Republic

Self-Starting Team Projects

EDDI: A Desalinator for Irrigation

Led a team on an ambitious year-long project to build a smart desalinator for irrigation

Designed the circuit layout for controlling the hardware components and sensing salinity and water flow

Designed a plumbing system for an automatic valve system that interfaced with the electrical components

Samsung Artik IoT Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering


Led a team of Developers, Designers, and Engineers on an ambitious 2-day project to improve space gloves

Designed and built a temperature feedback circuit with an Intel Edison board

Explored a spring-based mechanical counterpressure system for astronaut hands

Intel Edison Wearables Electrical Engineering Android


Collaborated with a team of developers to create an Android app for the MTA's AppQuest Challenge

Implemented Zoom and Pan Gestures on a map rendered from manually-parsed SVG

Investigated options and proposed a solution for a rudimentary cross-platform meshnet with mobile phones.

Vector Graphics Touchscreen Gestures Bluetooth Low-Energy


Managed the memory and cpu footprint of 100,000 stars in a 3d space by using WebGL shaders to render them

Quickly learned how to work with 3D graphics with Three.js

Created a B-V Color to RGB Color Ruby method for use in parsing star data

Three.js WebGL Ruby Scripting